Rutgers-Newark Federalist Society

PANEL on MARCH 6 at 4:30 in room 010 with Professor Carlos Gonzalez and Professor Bernie Bell (RU-N).

Top Picture (left to right): RU-N Federalist Society President Emeritus Joe Bock, Federalist Society Speaker Roger Clegg, RU-N Federalist Society President Craig Bronsnick, and RU-N Federalist Society Vice President Craig Long

Bottom Pictures: Affirmative Action Panel on Fisher v. Texas with Roger Clegg on March 1, 2012. Professor Paul Tractenberg (RU-N), John Alger (Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Rutgers University), and President of Columbia Lee Bollinger comprised the panel. Dean John Farmer Jr. is front and center in attendance.

Tuesday Feb 28 12:35 “Equal Outcome v. Equal Opportunity”

Please join us this Tuesday Feb 28 12:35 in Baker Courtroom as we host Chapman University School of Law Professor Donald Kochan for his presentation, “Equal Outcome v. Equal Opportunity.” We hope to secure faculty commentary and we will be serving a free gourmet lunch.

John Lott “Does Gun Control Reduce Crime?” Wed Feb 22 12:35
On Wed. Feb 22, at 12:35 in Rutgers Law School's 
Baker Courtroom, please join the Rutgers Federalist
Society as we host Professor John Lott, Jr. for his
presentation, "Does Gun Control Reduce Crime?"
Mr. Lott graduated magna cum laude from the
University of California at Los Angeles in 1980 and
received his Ph.D. in economics from that institution
in 1984.

Great News! - Our chapter is nominated by the National Federalist Society for its James Madison Award for Chapter of the Year! The Federalist Society will announce the winner at its upcoming symposium March 2, 2012 at Stanford University, “Bureaucracy Unbound: Can Limited Government and the Administrative State Co-Exist?” Register online here

2012 Nominees for James Madison Award for Chapter of the Year:





Florida International




(Above is President Emeritus Joe Bock holding the Alexander Hamilton “Feddie” for Most Improved Chapter 2010-2011)

FEB. 16th “Do the Rich Pay Their Fair Share: Wealth, Taxes, and Inequality in the U.S.” Deroy Murdock

Thursday, February 16, 4 pm, Berson Board Room
Rutgers Federalist Society presents  with Scripps Howard News Service syndicated columnist Deroy Murdock.

Rutgers-Newark Fed Soc 2011/2012 Updated Comprehensive Events List

The following is a list of our 2011-2012 Federalist Society speaker list:

September 1- 12:35 pm David Bernstein - Rehabilitating Lochner
September 8 - 4:00 pm Dr. Thomas Woods - Rollback (New Book)
September 15-12:35pm  Todd Zywicki - Repeal the 17th?
September 22 - 4:00pm Neal McCluskey - Should the Dept. of Ed. Exist?
September 29th 12:00 pm- Mr. Clark Neily - Judicial Engagement
October 4 12:25 pm - Ilya Shapiro - Debate- Citizens United
October 13th 4:00pm - Dr. Roger Pilon -Tea Party, Natural Rights, & the Constitution
October 17th 12:35pm- Ilya Somin - Property Rights & Em Dom. Since Kelo
November 3rd- 4:00pm Dr. Ralph Rossum - Jurisprudence of Justice Thomas
January 11th 12:35pm - Sean O’Hare - Occupy Wall Street: An Entrepreneur’s Perspective
January 12th 12:35 pm Dr. TIbor Machan - Do Animals Have Rights?
January 18th 12:35pm- Dr. Robert Levy - Debate- Obamacare
January 19th 12:35 pm - Cathy Young - Presumption of Guilt: Unfair to Men?
January 24th - Diana Furchgott Roth - Gender Wage Gap
January 25th 12:30 pm - James Ely, Jr. - Whatever Happened to that Contracts Clause?
February 1st 12:35 pm - Peter J. Wallison - Causes of Financial Crisis: Government
February 7th 4:00pm- Clint Bolick - Debate - School Choice 
February 9th 12:35pm - Jason Torchinsky - Debate - Crawford v. Marion
February 14th 12:35pm - Eugene Kontorovich - Dangers of Univ. Juris & Intl Crim Ct.
February 22nd 12:35 pm - Dr. John Lott - More Guns, Less Crime
February 23rd 12:35pm - Michael Krauss - Israel- Palestine
March 1st 5:00 pm - Roger Clegg - Panel - Affirmative Action
March 6th 4:30 pm - Dr. Michael S. Greve - The Upside-Down Constitution
March 7th 12:35 pm - Richard A. Epstein - DEBATE - Labor, Law, Economics
March 8th 12:35 pm - Bill Otis - Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished?
March 20th 12:35 pm - Teresa Collett - Debate - Constitutionality of Requiring Ultrasound
March 22nd - John Allison - TBD
March 27th - John Weicher - Mortgage Market Mess
March 29th - Harvey Silverglate - Free Speech on Campus
April 3 - Becky Dunlop - Free Market Environmentalism
April 12 - Hans Von Spokovsky - Debate- Is OK’s Sharia Law Amdt Unconstitutional?
April 17- Scott Bullock - TBD

Fall 2011 Spotlight: Clark Neily (Institute for Justice) discusses Judicial Engagement. Vice Dean Ron Chen (Rutgers-Newark) introduces and provides commentary.

Fall 2011 Spotlight: Professor Todd Zywicki (George Mason Law) discusses repealing the 17th amendment. Professor Bernie Bell (Rutgers-Newark Law) provides commentary.

Fall 2011 Spotlight: Citizens United Debate between Ilya Shapiro, Esq. (Cato Institute) and Frank Askin, Esq. (Rutgers-Newark School of Law).